David Beckham's Mini Micro

Doting daddy David Beckham looks on proudly as grinning Harper scoots through London on her neon pink Mini Micro.

The Mini Micro is an award winning scooter for preschoolers. It's innovative design has all the features needed for young beginners whose parents put safety first.

David Beckham and his daughter on the Mini Micro

The original 3 wheel design combined with the lean and steer action ensures safety and stability for young children. It enables them to learn to use their body weight and balance to steer. Being low to the ground means it's easy to kick from and there's not so far to fall.

Your preschooler will master the Mini Micro kick scooter in a flash. Their balance, co-ordination and motor skills will develop as they quickly become proficient confident scooterers.

Kids quickly become independent co-travelers, which means stress free happy journeys for all!

Available in Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Gold and Orange.