Jurassic World micro style

Jurassic World – If I was ten years old again, this would have been the coolest movie so far this year. Probably not for small or easily scared kids, but take the ones who like a whole lotta dinosaur action and even your parents with you... they’ll love it too.

Then dress 'em up like a dinosaur and play Jurassic World tag in the park!

Micro Scootasaurus Rex on a Camo Maxi

The Maxi Micro Scooter:

Big brother to the Mini Micro 3 wheel scooter, the Maxi Micro is the ideal next kids scooter for those kids who want all the fun, stability and good safety design of the Mini, but are ready a larger, cooler and more robust scooter.

Your child can cruise the pavements and parks smoothly and confidently on their Maxi Micro scooter, while further developing their balance and co-ordination skills.