Stockist feature - New Farm Bikes

New Farm Bikes is one of our premium stockists and expert service agents in Queensland. They have a large range Micro Scooters from preschoolers to adults. A great place to go if your in the area and want to check out our range. We got the chance to ask the owner Tina a few questions about her store and future plans.

Tell us a bit about your store - New Farm Bikes?

Micro Scooter stockist Tina Quintner New Farm Bikes has been trading for approx. 28 years, in that time we have evolved from being one of the original hard core Mtb shops in Brisbane to where we are today – specialising in quality, quality, quality, reflecting on the brands we stock including Royal Gazelle Dutch Bicycles, Benno Bicycles, Lekker Bikes, and most importantly we proudly stock the BEST of Children’s Bicycles – BYK Kids Bikes, the BEST of Adult and Children Scooters – MICRO Scooters.

We pride ourselves as being completely different to most other bike shops in Queensland. We strive to be the Premuim Stockist of Queensland of all brands we stock and subsequently carry the full range of products. (for instant gratification). As with any business, service is paramount. I have always chosen only to retail items I myself would buy (and I hate disposable crap).

Our customer age ranges from 12 months to late 80’s which is delightful.

Tina New Farm Bikes

What's your favourite thing about Micro?

The favourite thing about Micro is they are such a well conceived quality product. As a service agent we very rarely experience warranty issues and the fact everything is replaceable is a great feature. Parents (and kids) love it when I can show and demonstrate the range of Adult Scooters. A lot of adults would never really conceive they can go scootering with the kids. It’s easier to go on holidays with a car load of scooters than bikes.

new farm bikes

What's your local tip for where to go?

Here in New Farm we are blessed with local amenities such as New Farm Park, the iconic Riverwalk and lots of riverfront walking and cycling paths. As a resident of New Farm for 36 years I love the community spirit we share.

Tell us 3 things you want to tick off your bucket list?

Things on my bucket list, mmmmm .... Perhaps travel more in Europe, definitely travel more in beautiful Tasmania and see more of my home state of Queensland. Otherwise I just wish to live for today. I’m extremely fortunate to have a business which I love and can be passionate about.

If your in the area go check out New Farm Bikes great range of Micro Scooters and say hello to Tina.

New Farm Bikes
77 Merthyr Road
New Farm
Queensland 4005
3254 0544