Don’t Wait for the Bird

Electric scooters or e-scooters have become something of a buzz word/topic in the last year with the likes of ‘Bird’, ‘Lime’ and other app facilitated crowd sharing electric scooter companies popping up in major cities throughout the US and touched down in Europe as well. Naturally, due to the sustainability and efficiency factors electric scooters have zipped to popularity. Being the first in this uncharted territory comes the need to negotiate the new rules and regulations – meeting in the middle between sustainability and safety.

However wildly successful - it’s a bit of a watch this space in waiting for 'Bird' and 'Lime' or something similar to land a closer to home. Don’t wait for the bird to get here – the Micro electric scooter the emicro has already landed.

The latest change has been in response to a Bird-sponsored State Assembly Bill Santa Monica (USA) recently passed a Bill only requiring ‘helmets for rides of under the age of 18’ (Cagle, Santa Monica Daily Press, 2018). Regulation outlining where electric scooters can be used was further reworked to ban ‘motorized scooters from any highway with a speed limit of greater than 35 miles per hour, unless in a bike lane.’ (Cagle, Santa Monica Daily Press, 2018).

Bird spokesman says “our goal in supporting this legislation continues to be providing riders of shared scooters and e-bikes with more consistent ridership rules so that people can embrace sustainable shared mobility.” Locally, the likes of Bird are flocking slowly to our shores with a variety of species ‘Flamingo’ has been ‘coming soon’ for New Zealand and others are over the horizon for Australia for months now.

emicro electric scooter range

If you can’t wait to join the revolution, the Swiss designed emicro Condor has landed and is ready to go. Micro electric scooters provide the ultimate electric transport vehicle for range autonomy and comfort. Being the only electric scooter designed in Switzerland to meet the needs of an individual rider, the emicro range enables the rider to ride on their own accord. With the electric scooters operated by a two way hand throttle and a range of 10-20km depending on the model. It’s the way to lead the revolution instead of wait for it. Micro CEO Wim Oubter says

"A new era of urban mobility has begun. More and more people populate cities, leading to exponential urban growth. Space-saving and practical mobility, which has been our vision since 1996, is now more relevant than ever. Society is changing and so is the demand for mobility. Eco-friendly vehicles, like our electric scooter range, will play an essential role when it comes to the future of personal transportation.”

Interested? Why wait? Step on to the future now.

Don’t wait for bird, get your own. The power is yours.

Micro preserves safety as priority therefore we recommend that you do comply with your local state laws regarding electric scooters.