Introducing the Flex+ Matte Black

Flex+  New Commuter Sooter

Just in and fast becoming staff favourite is the Flex+ in Matte Black. It's an urban companion, a drop the kids off at school and get to work on time. It's a let's go to the park, kids. It's a meet me by the waterfront for a coffee at lunchtime. It's an I can do one more email and still make the train, an I feel great and a look how much I saved on petrol/parking/train/bus fares this month...

The Flex+ Matte Black is a teens and adults all rounder, with a flexible deck that absorbs bumps like you won't believe with big wheels to help you get there quicker, and a fender style break to make sure you stop when you want, where you want.

It's also a damn fine looking piece of kit, robust enough to look the business, and attention to detail in styling that makes it look a million dollars.