Ultimate Micro mX Freestyle Tricks Range

The Micro mX freestyle range of scooters are strong, light and durable. Whether you're after a solid scooter for beginners, a tough, balanced mid-range scooter, or a lightweight beast there is a micro mX freestyle scooter for everyone.

We use the latest techniques in welding, heat-treating, CNC machining and forging to help ensure your mX freestyle scooter is able to take the punishment expected of it.

Micro ramp freestyle scooter for beginner stunts

How to do freestyle tricks with Micro Scooters

Freestyle Scooter Tricks

Guy completing barspin freestyle scooter trick


A Barspin is jumping and making a spin with the handlebar at the same time. It is very important to practise the spinning movement before trying it on a jump. To do so, place your feet next to the Scooter and just try to spin the bar with the Scooter lifted up in the air.

Wallride completed with Micro Scooters


For this trick, you need to be very confident. When you jump towards a wall you need to remember that your body has to be inclined as the wall is. Otherwise you’ll just hit the wall with the side of your deck. Both wheels have to be on the wall. And once you’re on it, have the reflex to jump back (push yourself away from the wall) to land.

How to Boardslide with Micro Scooters


The Boardslide is the most seen and famous grind. Jump on the rail, so that it comes right under your deck and use your heel to stabilize yourself.

How to do an easy Tailwhip with Micro Scooters


It is the most famous and typical trick of scootering. A full spin of the deck. It’s quite tricky to do as you need to do 3 movements in once : 1) Jumping 2) Pushing back the deck with your back foot 3) Finish the spinning movement by catching the deck with your foot.

How to do a Tailgrab  with Micro Scooters


The easiest and most stylish grab. You need to jump and grab the deck where your back wheel is. It is really important to jump high to grab the deck.

How to do a 180 spin with Micro Scooters

180 Spin

The 180 is one of the easiest, yet most important tricks. As the name says, you have to spin your body 180 degrees. The easiest way to do it, is in a quarter pipe, where you spin your body towards the direction you came from. More advanced riders can even try it out of a kicker, which requires you to land fakie.

Picking The Micro mX Freestyle Scooter For you

Serious, not so serious and future pro stunt scooter riders this one's for you. The very latest range from the Micro mX team has been developed to cater for all sizes and skill levels. Outstanding quality and features plus slick styling make these scooters a stand out at the skate park.

mX core micro Freestyle scooter range

When we're asked for advice about which scooter a parent should buy their school aged child, our first question is always "do you think he's going to want to go to the skate park and start to learn tricks?". If the answer is yes (which is surprisingly only about 25% of the time) then we will always point the parent in the direction of our incredible mX freestyle scooter range.

They mX range has been designed by the Micro design and pro rider teams combined. The mX pro rider team is made up of some of the most impressive stunt scooter riders on the planet. Benjamin Friant constantly pushes the bar, and makes jaw dropping videos too. You can check out the Micro mX team on their Facebook page, and see these amazing riders in action.

They know what they need in a scooter, and the Micro design team know how to make it. The result is a range of lightweight, extremely strong and innovative freestyle scooters.

Safety is the most important aspect of any scooter, so the mX freestyle range is super strong, with top quality parts and materials impeccably manufactured and thoroughly tested.


micro ramp stunt kids scooter

Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter

For kids aged 5-12 years the Ramp Stunt Scooter is the ultimate beginner stunt scooter engineered for kids wanting to start tricks at the skate park. Developed in conjunction with professional stunt riders, the Ramp is lightweight and designed to give ultra-support to beginners.


Still looking for more information on trick scooters? Check out our freestyle scooter buying guide for everything you need to know! 

Here's a taste of how the MX freestyle range performs - beginners take note, and practice, practice, practice. You'll get there if you really want to.

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