Micro Deluxe Range - Design classics reborn

The deluxe range are our design classics re-imagined with luxe styling. New features and vibrant colours have made these beloved scooters even better than before.

Check out the new features on the Deluxe Mini2go, Mini Micro, Maxi Micro and G-bike and what our customers have had to say about them.

The new Mini2go Deluxe range converts from ride on to scooter

Mini2go Deluxe is the ultimate developmental toy for toddlers and has taken the award winning Mini2go to the next level.

  • The addition of a parents handlebar helps guide toddlers until their ready to roll on their own.
  • The new handlebar height reaches the height of the Mini Micro making it last even longer.
  • The handy removable storage draws let the kids hide their treasures and toys or Mum can store the diaper bag.
  • The lean to steer action makes it easy for preschoolers to learn and gain balance and coordination skills.

It can be used from as early as 1 lasting them until their 5 and provide endless amounts of fun and entertainment. Convert from a ride-on to a scooter when they're ready, then reuse for younger siblings.

Available in new shades: pink, blue, red and mint.

What customers told us about the Mini2go Deluxe:

“It's convenient to take around. I use it instead of a pram :)” – Alwyn

“My 2 year old loves it and it has given him great confidence and balance.” - Natasha

The New Micro Scooter Deluxe features

Mini Micro has been reimagined and reborn with the new Mini Micro Deluxe.

  • With the new adjustable handle bar they can choose their preferred height and grow alongside their scooter.
  • The new silicone grip deck ensures extra safety and looks great.
  • The metallic anodised finish protects it from erosion and damage.
  • The stable 3-wheel design and lean to steer action lets kids develop their balance and confidence.

The Mini Micro Deluxe is the ultimate first scooter for kids learning to scoot and is loved by parents and kids around the world.

Available in a range of vibrant new colours including: pink, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, aqua, orange.

What customers have said about the Mini Micro Deluxe:

“They're really the BEST scooters - they certainly look and perform the best.” – Katarina

“My 2yr old daughter is still learning to ride it, but cannot stop talking about her scooter!” – Zuzana

“Quality of manufacturing, durability, style looks good and kids love them!” - Peter

The new Maxi Micro Deluxe range features

Maxi Micro Deluxe is perfect for kids wanting a bit extra stability with 3 wheel design.

  • It is even stronger and more robust with a higher weight limit of 70kg.
  • Like the Mini Micro Deluxe the Maxi also has the new raised silicone grip deck and anodised finish.
  • Robust 3 wheel design and lean to steer action provides more stability until they're ready for a 2 wheel scooter.

A great scooter for kids to use everyday on the way to school and out and about on the weekends.

Available in aqua and yellow.

What customers have said about the Maxi Micro Deluxe:

“They are tough, stable and come on lots of awesome colours.” – Gabby

“They're robust and cleverly designed. They last.” - Allison

The new lighter Micro G-Bike chopper Deluxe

The G-bike Deluxe is lighter than ever with new EVA foam wheels, now 35% lighter than the original g-bike.

  • The lightweight design makes it easy to be picked up and used by children.
  • The g-bike develops balance, steering and coordination skills.
  • Provides them with independence and confidence, all while having fun.

After riding a G-Bike children can make a speedy transition to a pedal bicycle, by passing training wheels.

Come in a cool matte white and matte black colour.