Micro Deluxe Range - Design classics reborn

The deluxe range are our design classics re-imagined with luxe styling. New features and vibrant colours have made these beloved scooters even better than before.

Check out the new features on the Deluxe Mini2go, Mini Micro, Maxi Micro, Balance Bike and Speed+ and what our customers have had to say about them.

 Mini2Go Deluxe Plus

Key features of the Mini2Go Deluxe Plus ride on scooter

Mini2go Deluxe is the ultimate developmental toy for toddlers and has taken the award winning Mini2go to the next level.

  • The addition of a parents handlebar helps guide toddlers until their ready to roll on their own.
  • The new handlebar height reaches the height of the Mini Micro making it last even longer.
  • The handy removable storage draws let the kids hide their treasures and toys or Mum can store the diaper bag.
  • The lean to steer action makes it easy for preschoolers to learn and gain balance and coordination skills.

It can be used from as early as from the age of 1, lasting them until their 5 years old and provide endless amounts of fun and entertainment. Convert from a ride-on to a scooter when they're ready, then reuse for younger siblings.

Available in new shades: pink, blue, red and mint.

What customers told us about the Mini2go Deluxe:

“It's convenient to take around. I use it instead of a pram :)” - Alwyn

“My 2 year old loves it and it has given him great confidence and balance.” - Natasha

Mini Micro Deluxe

Key features of the Mini Deluxe 3 Wheel preschool scooter

Mini Micro has been reimagined and reborn with the new Mini Micro Deluxe.

  • With the new adjustable handle bar they can choose their preferred height and grow alongside their scooter.
  • The new silicone grip deck ensures extra safety and looks great.
  • The metallic anodised finish protects it from erosion and damage.
  • The stable 3-wheel design and lean to steer action lets kids develop their balance and confidence.

The Mini Micro Deluxe is the ultimate first scooter for kids learning to scoot and is loved by parents and kids around the world.

Available in a range of vibrant new colours including: pink, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, aqua, orange.

What customers have said about the Mini Micro Deluxe:

“They're really the BEST scooters - they certainly look and perform the best.” - Katarina

“My 2yr old daughter is still learning to ride it, but cannot stop talking about her scooter!” - Zuzana

“Quality of manufacturing, durability, style looks good and kids love them!” - Peter

Mini Micro Deluxe LED

Key features of the Mini Deluxe LED

The Mini Deluxe LED stands out more than ever with motion-powered light up wheels.

  • An exciting addition to the Mini Micro Deluxe you already know and love.
  • Motion-powered LED wheels generate light through dynamo mechanics.
  • The adjustable handlebar allows the scooter to grow with your child safely for longevity.
  • This lightweight scooter has the added safety feature of an extra grip silicone injected deck for stability.

The ultimate preschoolers scooter has rolled in with LED wheels which light up when you scoot.

Available in all the colours of the rainbow including: pink, aqua, purple, blue, lavender, apricot and ocean blue.

 What customers have raved about the Mini Micro Deluxe LED:

"We bought this for our 2.5yo and she is obsessed with it! It's amazing quality, easy to adjust and she loves the LED lights in the wheels. So cute!" - Julia T

"Our 3 year old loves her pink LED scooter. The scooter is nice and stable and provides confidence to my daughter to really enjoy herself. The LED wheels look great even during the day." - Duncan U

Mini Micro Deluxe Magic

key features of the mini micro deluxe magic 3 wheel scooter

 The Mini Micro Deluxe Magic is the brightest preschooler on the block, literally.

  • With new light up handlebars combined with the LED motion-powered wheels, kids will love flying around on their magic scooter.
  • The handlebars glow in five different colours changing as they go adding the fun to scooting!
  • Ideal preschool scooter as the intuitive lean-to-steer system supports children to develop balance and coordination through play.
  • Safety, quality and longevity have always been built into the core of each one of our scooters and the Magic is no different.

Lights that react when kids' touch and ride? That's right! Our mind-blowing new handlebars light up when the scooter is ridden - glowing brightly in five different colours as the kids go.

Available in three magical colours including: purple, pink and aqua.

What parents of the riders have said about the Mini Micro Deluxe Magic:

"These are amazing!! My 2 year old darts around on his, it's sooooo cute. He loves it. The lights are cool 2. Good quality, durable & recommended." - Te Aroha

"So cool, my 2yr old son took 48 hours to go from no scooter skills to gliding along for 2 meters without touching the ground. I'm so pleased I got this for him, so great for his confidence, it's so sturdy and a great design." - Andrea B.

Mini Micro Deluxe Eco

Key features of the mini micro deluxe eco scooter

The Mini Micro Deluxe Eco is the first of its kind, innovatively designed to be made up from 50% recycled maritime waste plastic.

  • The deck and brake are made with recycled fishing nets.
  • We take waste from the maritime industry, clean it, crush it, dry it, melt it and pour it to make the Mini Micro Deluxe Eco decks and brakes.
  • Nothing else changes, we've kept the Mini Micro Deluxe that preschoolers know and love including the lean to steer system, adjustable T-bar to grow with them. Only now it's an even more eco-friendly kids toy.

By reusing this plastic that used to venture the seas to create an everyday adventure for preschoolers, we hope we can help do our part to protect the environment now and for their future.

What our customers love about the Mini Micro Deluxe Eco:

"I got this scooter for my 3 year old. It is very stable with the 3 wheels and perfect for learning. The height is adjustable so it will grow with him too." - Mikaela H
"My son absolutely adores the scooter. He's two and picked it up no problem. I have to run and keep up with him!" - Mileesa A

Balance Bike Deluxe

key features of the balance bike deluxe for toddlers

The Micro Balance Bike Deluxe is your preschooler's new best friend.

  • Lightweight with big 300mm air-filled tyres means they'll learn while they play in comfort and style.
  • The air-filled tyres combined with rubber suspension on the rear fork create a super smooth and stable bike toddlers will want to practice on.
  • Built to last with an adjustable and ergonomic seat.
  • Designed to develop preschooler balance and co-ordination skills so they can skip training wheels, parents will love it too! 

Toddlers can easily control their ride and get on and off as they please thanks to the deep frame of the bike which increases their independence with every roll.

What parents have said about the Micro Balance Bike Deluxe:

"Very happy with the result, the team was very helpful the service provided was fast and efficient, we thank you so much. We have one very happy wee boy who loves nothing more than riding his Micro Balance Bike" - Nicholas P

Maxi Micro Deluxe LED

Key features of the Maxi Deluxe LED

Maxi Micro Deluxe is perfect for kids wanting a bit extra stability with 3 wheel design.

  • It is even stronger and more robust with a higher weight limit of 70kg.
  • Like the Mini Micro Deluxe the Maxi also has the new raised silicone grip deck and anodised finish.
  • Robust 3 wheel design and lean to steer action provides more stability until they're ready for a 2 wheel scooter.

A great scooter for kids to use everyday on the way to school and out and about on the weekends.

Available in aqua and yellow.

What customers have said about the Maxi Micro Deluxe:

“They are tough, stable and come on lots of awesome colours.” - Gabby

“They're robust and cleverly designed. They last.” - Allison

Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro

key features of the maxi deluxe pro scooter

Perfect for kids who want to take their 3-wheelers to the next level.

  • Chopper style handlebars for ultimate control.
  • Wide front wheels for extra stability to develop balance and coordination skills.
  • The silicone injected footplate provides extra grip combined with the two reflectors at the rare for safety and visibility.
  • An adjustable handlebar designed to grow with the kids.

Swiss deigned and engineered this three wheeled scooter has been developed for children aged 5 to 12 for an ultra stable and controlled ride experience. The chopper handlebars and wide wheels enable kids to easily handle their scooter with confidence.

What our customers like about the Maxi Deluxe Pro:

"My daughter loves it! This is her second Micro scooter (as she outgrew her other) and they are very good quality and well worth the purchase." - Angela L

"Dig this scooter - versatile, stable and lil girl loves it. Enhanced stability has worked wonders for her self confidenc e and this has enhanced her ability." - Sach N

Speed+ Deluxe

key features of the speed plus deluxe 2 wheel scooter

Super comfortable while being compact and beautifully functional.

  • Designed for 12 year old's through to adults.
  • Wide chopper style handlebars for easy control
  • Large 180mm wheels for comfort enables the rider to go further, faster with less work!
  • The aluminum fixed deck makes it a super strong ride, built to last.

The Micro Speed+ Deluxe fits right into the urban environment and is designed for the ultimate positive impact on your commute or kids adventures. 

How this scooter has changed parents lives:

"I couldn't be happier with this scooter. It's great for zipping around after my toddler, and light enough when I need to carry it. The colour is absolutely gorgeous. I've been having so much fun." - Elle

"My Micro Speed+ Deluxe was a Christmas present (self chosen). I 100% love it! The bigger wheels make cruising so easy. Love the handle bar height. I get so many compliments on it." - Vanessa