Rollin' out the Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Little kids love it when their Dad plays the big kid, so what could be a better present for Father’s Day than an adult scooter?

Our Micro Dad Cameron gives tried and tested advice answering the big the question... of why Dad needs a Micro Scooter this Father's Day? He even spills the beans on who wins the scooter race between him and his daughter Taylor. Before we steal all of Cameron’s thunder telling you what he said, go ahead and have a read of it for yourselves!

How long have you been scooting?

Taylor has been scooting for 3.5 years (since she was 2!) and I have been scooting for three 3 years on our original Micro scooters.

What is the best part about having a scooter with the kids?

I can keep up and we can have fun together keeping fit! We can scoot to school together too.

Who beats who in a scooter race?

'Me!' says Taylor with no hesitation but I keep it competitive (wink).

Which family member loves their scooter the most? And why?

'Me!' said Taylor again, ‘because it is my favourite colour!’ I love mine just as much because it is fun learning tricks and teaching them to Taylor.

What is the number one reason to give it as a Father’s Day present?

The quality time you can have with your kids, outside having fun! I also love that I can scoot to our local shop with my back pack and pick up a few things without needing the car or to find a safe park for my bike.

Get Dad a Scooter for Father's Day

What’s the most frequent question other Dads ask you about scooting?

Normally we are going too fast for questions! (wink) Generally, though whether we are happy with the Micro brand and we always say YES! Most definitely! All 4 little girls in our street have Micro Maxi’s now, purple, pink, blue and green so they don’t get confused! I can safely say my scooter is the best Father’s Day present I have received to date!

What scooter do you have and why did you choose it?

A purple Maxi Micro for Taylor and the iconic Micro Black Scooter for me. We chose the Micro Maxi for Taylor after seeing a family with 2 of them for their girls while we were on holidays in Noosa. We asked them about the Micro brand, they were extremely happy and said that due to Taylor’s height she would be fine on the Maxi with the handles right down. We knew that was what our ‘keen bean’ needed! The rest is history. For me, my wife went for the iconic Micro Black Scooter by reading the information on the website and thinking that it was the most suitable. She was right!

There you have it straight from a Dad’s mouth! We’ve got a great range of Swiss made scooters to meet the needs of different Dads and their routines - best scooters for the best Dads. Have a scroll through and find the perfect one for Dad this Father’s Day.

Happy scooting!