Top 5 Must-have Scooter Accessories that are Fun for Kids & Toddlers

Accessories are the best way for kids to personalise their scooters. They can also be a great way to keep kids super safe. And they make a fantastic gift idea for kids who already have a Micro scooter. 

Introducing our best selling and must-have accessory of 2022, the Micro Scooter Bike Ribbons in Neon. They are bright, colourful and are definitely a hit with toddlers and kids. 🌈 Attach at ease by plugging them into the ends of the handlebars of any Micro scooter with rubber hand grips. We've found these go especially well with our range of toddler scooters!

Neon Micro Scooter Bike Ribbons

Make some noise! Ding-ding, coolest kid on the block coming through. Pimp their ride with a Micro Scooter Bell. These colourful and versatile bells will suit any scooter and any child who wants to let everybody know they are there. Available in a range of bright colours and patterns ✨

Unicorn Micro scooter bike bell

Kids love carrying their most treasured items everywhere they go 🥰 What better way than a cute, yet durable basket that attaches to most Micro scooters. It is super easy to attach and holds all kids things from drink bottles, snacks and even little teddy bear companions. 🧸 If your looking for the perfect gift for kids, look no further!

micro scooter bike basket for kids and toddlers

A kids helmet is the most essential piece of kit for children who ride bikes and scooters. Ensure your child stays safe on their way to school and off on an adventure. With an awesome range of colours and fun patterns, a Micro kids helmet makes it fun for your child to wear every time, with one to please every child. 🙌 Struggling to get your child to wear a helmet? We've compiled advice advice from over 300 Mama's of what really does work!

Limited edition helmet range with fun designs for kids and toddlers

Protect your kids with the ultimate knee and elbow pads designed for rider safety and comfort. The high quality hard shell caps keep little limbs safe from impact, so no need to worry, Micro has your child covered! Available in plain black, as well as a range of fun patterns that match our helmets and other accessories. 🦄🚀

monster pattern scooter bike knee and elbow pads

The awesome Micro lights for kids come in a range of bright colours with three light settings; constant, flash and rapid flash. Made from flexible silicone and easy to attach to any scooter.

black scooter bike light with 3 light settings

Micro scooter accessories are made with fun and safety in mind. They are solutions to important everyday problems such as; "How can I carry my dolls when I ride my scooter and still be able to see them.", "A bell just doesn't make the level of noise I'm trying to achieve and it's just not funny enough", "When I ride my scooter at night I need headlights"*

*none of these are questions we've actually been asked. But they sound good. 
Check out our full range of kids scooter accessories here 👈