Creating Memories with Micro

We got a chance to ask the lovely Chelsea Lee Smith about her approach for spending time with her children in a busy life. Mother of three, Chelsea talks about the importance of laughter, one on one attention and how she can now join in their hobbies and show commitment to their interests. Not to mention that she can now join the scooter races – although it doesn’t mean that she wins!

What are your favourite memories of spending time with your mum?

My mother loved to cook and really knew how to make us feel special by making our favourite meals and showing us how much she loved us through the care she took to prepare our food each. I didn't appreciate it enough at the time, but now that I'm a mother myself I can only imagine how much time and energy she spent each day on that. It definitely made me feel loved and special.

What do you think will be your kid’s favourite times with you?

I try to make an effort to take the kids on special outings every so often - movies, shows, or just out to get ice-cream. I think we reconnect during these times and a few good laughs can be a cure to so many challenges. Giving them one on one attention is so special to both of us.

Chelsea scooting with her kids

What do you do for fun with your children?

We like to play games, cook treats, read books and cuddle!

What do your kids think of you scooting?

My sons were so excited to see me on the scooter, and my 7 year old in particular was very keen to teach me tricks! They love talking about where we can scoot and watch me whizz around the neighborhood alongside them and their friends.

What adventures have you been on since getting your scooter?

I haven't been successful learning any tricks (yet!) but so far it's been a highlight of our new scooting hobby to visit the corner store together.

What is the best thing about scooting with your child?

Spending time together doing something the kids love, and having something that gives me a way to show my commitment to their interests, is my favourite thing about scooting.

Chelsea Lee Smith is the author of which focuses positive family growth and development. Chelsea rides a Micro Speed+.