Scoot for the Flag

Play capture the flag scooting style

What to bring?

  • Two pieces for cloth for each teams flag
  • Your scooters

What to do?

  • The objective of the game is to capture the other teams flag.
  • Choose an area to play the game, somewhere with things to duck and hide behind like at a park or garden.
  • Split the area in half giving each team a side. Each team gets 5mins to hide their flag and choose where their jail is located.
  • Go capture the other teams flag by sneakily scooting into enemy territory.
  • You can't stand guard within 3m of your own teams flag preventing the other team from getting to it.
  • If you get tagged by the other team on their side you'll be taken to their jail.
  • You can't leave their jail until someone from your team comes and tags you out.
  • When a member of a team captures the other teams flag without being tagged they’ve won!

Join In

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