Health & Wellbeing

Get Fit and Feel Great with your Scooter

We all want to be fit and healthy, starting everyday feeling great. So what do we do? Get that gym membership, go for a week then let it gather dust? Or maybe succumb to that diet click bait that we know will be a load of rubbish but now seems like it could hold the key...

Not to mention that we have found three gusty individuals who are willing to talk (or in this case) scoot the talk and stick to their New Year’s resolutions. They are our Micro New Year's Ambassadors & everyone’s inspiration on how to keep up fitness goals easily... on a Micro Scooter.

What we're hearing more and more from the experts is the best way to improve our health and wellbeing is to make every day active. Using a scooter for 30 minutes burns 150 calories, gives you a lower body work out, and the fun factor makes you feel great. So whether you're doing the school run, commuting to work, taking a lunch break or relaxing on the weekend - scoot it!

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get fit, stay fit with the Micro White


Mum scooting the school run with kids

Scoot the School Run

Scoot in the morning to wake up your metabolism and avoid the SUV log jam outside the school. Scooting with the kids to school will burn off your flat white, and kick start your active day.

Safety comes first for parents and scooting to school with the kids gives you the perfect opportunity to teach them scooter/road safety and footpath courtesy. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the happiness your kids get from having you scoot with them.

Woman using kick scooter to travel

Active Commute to Work

Turning your commute into a workout is one of the best ways to keep you out of the gym. A steady half hour of scooting will burn fat and give you a gentle lower body workout. Because scooting requires balance, you'll be engaging your core - working out muscles you didn't know you had.

Scoot to work and you arrive refreshed and ready for a productive day. Scoot home after work and arrive home de-stressed, satisfied that you've done your daily workout and ready to have quality family time.

guys using adult scooters to get around

Make the most of your lunch break

Use your lunch break to get active the fuss free way. Getting to the gym in your lunch hour is definitely not easy and anything that involves clothes on /clothes off is going to eat into your precious time.

Instead use your lunch hour to get on your scooter and go further afield, finding new healthy lunch options or getting to shops that would have otherwise been too far. Getting more done for you in your lunch hour will make you feel great.

Mum scooting with her son using an adults scooter

Spend more time with the kids

Hanging out with the kids is the ultimate way to add exercise to your day. Now that the evenings are getting longer, grab the kids and their scooters after dinner and go for a 20 minute scoot around the park. You'll have happy kids who are ready for sleep when it hits bedtime and you'll sleep easy having had an active day and a whole lot of de-stressing...

On the weekends rather than taking the car, avoid traffic and moaning children by zipping around on scooters... everyone will enjoy the ride!

Explore with friends and family on micro scooters

Easy Weekend Fun

Make the weekend a workout by going out for coffee, meeting up with friends, going shopping, hanging with the kids, cruising the waterfront or exploring new parts of your city with your scooter.

It's the fun, free and easy way to get ready for summer and stay fit and feeling great throughout the year.