How to Change Mini/Maxi Rubber Grips

Replacing the rubber grips on a Mini & Maxi Micro

If you want to spruce up your Mini or Maxi Micro scooter by replacing the grips it is a very simple to process, all you need to do is:

1) Take something sharp like a craft knife and carefully slice along the length of the grip

replacing the rubber grips on Maxi Micro

2) Peel back the grip and remove from the T bar

Cut the rubber grips to replace

3) Take a small amount of water and apply it to the T bar as well as on the inside of the replacement grip itself - this will make installing the grip a much easier process. Alternatively instead of water you can also use hairspray or a small amount of oil.

Replacing the Micro Scooter Rubber Grips

4) Slide the replacement grip into position as far as you can - the scooter is then ready to ride

Replacing rubber grips on Maxi Micro