How to Change Mini/Maxi Deluxe Front Wheel

1. Before you do anything

If wanting to install some of our LED wheels on one of your Mini or Maxi Deluxe scooters or just wanting to change one of the front wheels, before you go about removing the axle check on the heads of the axle to see if you can see a small rectangle as shown below:

axel threat Mini/Maxi Micro Deluxe

If you can see this marking on your axle, it means that you need to turn your allen key to the right to loosen as it indicates that it is a counter clockwise thread ↻

If you can’t see this on your axle it means to loosen you turn your allen key to the left ↺

2. Now you know which way to turn

Using the Allen Keys provided in the box with your scooter undo the axle through the wheel and remove.

3. Out with the old, in with the new

Put the new wheel in place, replace the axle and tighten using your allen keys.

And you're done!

For tough bolts:

When our scooters are being assembled all the bolts have a thread locking fluid applied to them to ensure that there is minimal loosening and movement of the parts. This can however cause problems when trying to undo the bolts.

  • If you are finding any bolts too tough to move a short, sharp tap with a hammer can be enough to break the seal of the locking fluid and make it a bit easier to handle.
  • You may find you need a little extra force to tighten or undo the bolts, even without locking fluid causing the problem. If you place a short length of pipe or something similar over the handle of the Allen Key this should give you the added leverage you need to undo or tighten up any bolt.

For super tough bolts

If you're still having trouble removing an axle you might have to drill it out and replace it with a new one.

  1. Rest the scooter on its side securing it if possible with a clamp or similar.
  2. Use a 19/64 drill (14mm) bit to drill the round head off the bolt.
  3. Slide out the existing axle
  4. You'll need to replace it with a new axle of the same size