Micro Scooter All Stars

Our Micro Scooter Stars love to scoot for different reasons, it might be their favourite weekend activity, the way they cruise to school, to keep up with the kids or the perfect commuting tool. Take a look at some of our awesome Micro All Stars and see why scooting is for them.

Mini Micro Classic Star

Evie is one of our biggest Micro fans, wearing her helmet to bed and taking on the world as a scooting superhero. Her mum told us her Mini Micro is the "best thing we've ever bought her" even though she likes to scoot around the house.

Family of Micro Scooter all Stars

"My children would love for me to be a Micro Mum!" and here she is our Micro Mum Maria!

She purchased a kickboard original to keep up with the kids and to her surprise scooting has helped her recover from recent knee surgery by strengthening up her muscles. Scooting isn't only a great way to have fun travelling but it gets you fit too :)

She told us, "my children love me scooting with them, their friends are envious because their parents don't scoot!". So to those hesitant she says "at first you may feel a little unbalanced but you will pick it up very quickly! And your children will be so proud that you are doing it."

Micro Scooter All Star Josie on her Mini Micro

Josie came into Micro HQ with her mum and brother looking for some new grips to revamp her much loved mini micro scooter. Their family are big micro scooter fans, her brother has upgraded to his third scooter already.

They've taken their scooters across the world travelling in Europe. Josie's mum said they were a life saver on their travels, so great to keep the kids sight seeing all day. They are always having fun and there is no complaining when they are on their scooters. Definitely a must if your taking your children overseas with you.

Father and son Micro All Stars on their Scooters outside Micro HQ

Nigel came into Micro HQ last week with his son Louie looking for a new scooter. They took a bunch of our scooters out for a test drive. Nigel decided on the Speed+ Special Edition which was comfortable and he loved the compact size. One of the Micro mX models caught Louie’s eye and he ended up going home with one too, lucky boy. They left the shop on their scooters and headed off into the sunset.

Nigel and Louie have regular Thursday scooting expeditions down to civic square. Such a cool thing for a dad and son to do.

Micro Scooter All Star Toby on his Suspension scooter

Toby came into Micro HQ looking for something to speed up his commute to university. He wanted to get off the road and have a safe trip on the footpath with a scooter. He purchased the suspension scooter which is perfect for his longer commute and makes for a smooth ride. What is also great about the suspension for a tall guy like Toby, is its very robust with a large deck and high adjustable handle bars.

Scooters are a great practical choice for students with a reasonable distance to university or school. As well as being faster and more enjoyable than going on foot, they're easy to fold up and take into class.

Send us an email or message us on Facebook with photos of your scooting adventures to become our next Micro Star!