NZ Mayors Love to Scoot

The foot it campaign has got New Zealanders out of cars and onto pavements footing it to school with the kids. It's a great way to kick off summer with active ways of getting to the school gates in the morning and back home after school. Since the campaign has started there's been a few surprising faces on scooters and making the pledge on Neighbourly to foot it to school, including some of our favourite Mayors.

Mayors Scoot in parade on Micro Scooter

Tim Shadbolt was recently snapped scooting to dairy to pick up some milk in Invercargill. He has since upgraded to a Speed+ and zoomed along at the Southland Christmas Parade. With a 4 year old son it can be hard to keep up, so Tim loves to scoot and doing an activity that they both thoroughly enjoy. At 69 years Tim has the privilege of a gold card to use on public transport but since he's taken to scooting he's not going back.

Tim Shadbolts preferred scooter is the Speed+, our most compact adult scooter. It's the perfect wheels for taking on public transport or using to keep up with the kids.

New Zealand mayor Tim Shadbolt scooting

The new mayor of New Plymouth Neil Holdom is committed to sustainable transport and uses a scooter of his own. You can catch him making quick trips during the week and having fun with the kids on the weekend. Scooting is a great modern form of transport that all adults should consider, it's not just a ride for kids but a great way for everyone to get from A-B quick while keeping it green.

Neil Holdon chosen scooter is the Micro Black, an excellent scooter for adults with large wheels to move with speed, efficiency and enjoy a comfortable journey.

Shop adult scooters now and join these Mayors having a blast scooting the streets.