Best Electric Scooters for the Office? Everything You Need to Know

With this electric wave continuously building - the time has never been better to ride this maverick. Change the way your office moves & ride into the future with a emicro Merlin electric scooter fleet.

We maybe preaching to the choir but shift to personal electric mobility (specifically scooters) has been staggering. Electric scooters are the alternative transport - fast becoming that life blood of micro distances in urbanities. An electric scooter fleet of the emicro Merlin within your workplace will undoubtedly increase staff well-being and practical transport for micro distances and sustainable messaging.

emicro merlin electric scooter for workplace wellness

Our emicro Merlin electric scooter is an industry leader with dual suspension, and built in electronic display to show the rider the current battery level, speed and more. The emicro Merlin can reach speeds of 25km/h* with a range of up to 25km* for rider autonomy and is fully fordable. With intuitive handling operated by a responsive thumb throttle and brake, the emicro Merlin ensures that journeys can be made safely and effortlessly. Charged via wall outlet for 3 hours for the full 25km.

Why you need an office scooter fleet:

The practicality yet fun of the electric scooter movement is undeniable. Increase staff well-being and time efficiency within an in-house electric scooter fleet.

Time is Money - Save Both.

The emicro Merlin is an awesome solution to save both time and money commuting between office buildings and to and from meetings whilst being visibly sustainable. Not to mention a conversation starter.

Work & Play Every Day. Staff well-being

Staff wellbeing is high on everyone's agenda. The emicro Merlin is a great way to get staff out and about at lunchtime. Staff can take time out to relax and regenerate on their lunch break by easily and efficiently riding down.

Cost savings for employees:

It’s surprising how the numbers add up! With the average price of a shared electric scooter at $0.30 per minute and $1 dollar unlocking fee - we've estimated a 30 minute commute one way at $19 per day. That's around 2 cheese scones and 2 coffees a day.

Find Review:

"The Merlin’s have been an awesome addition to Find. Fast and efficient to get around, clients love it when we turn up and are always asking “can we have a go?!” If travelling local these are so much faster than a taxi."

Be the change. Feel free to get in touch about getting an emicro fleet in your office.