Why have a fleet of scooters in the office?

Picture this: you’ve exhausted every cafe and know every shop within a 1 km radius of your office. Anything outside that 1km radius is in the ‘too far for lunchtime’ basket. Consequently your lunchbreaks are getting shorter, and you’re not getting enough done for yourself during the day.

Getting to and from meetings is costing too much in time and money. Can’t find a park, the taxi keeps you waiting or you’re walking at Olympic speed and flustered when you get there, all the while increasing your stress levels as you multi-task with your Iphone.

Then your office gets a fleet of scooters in and everything changes. They’ve got them for you, to help you maximise your lunch hour, and to save on parking, taxi’s and time getting to meetings. They're also looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, so providing staff with a sustainable transport option makes a lot of sense. You can even book one out overnight to commute home or get to the railway station.

"Aren’t they great!" you think, “all offices should have scooter fleets”

As you scoot along past the traffic, the breeze in your hair, not looking at your phone, feeling alive and having fun getting where you need to be; faster, cheaper, healthier, greener.