Micro Ambassadors

Introducing our Micro Ambassadors 

Say a big hello to our amazing Micro Ambassadors! They’ve joined the Micro Team as they love to scoot the school run, commute, and keep up with the kids (and their fitness!). Each of them have a lot of love for Micro in their everyday life and enjoy the family fun and adventures that both adults and kids scooters bring. But we won’t steal their thunder! Go on and have a read of their stories below. And if you think you’d like to be part of the team don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Micro Ambassador Ula scooting with her kids at sunset

Meet Ula

I'm Ula, Mama to my girls Sophia and Emilia. We live in Brisbane and Micro scooters were the first scooters we ever tried and we would never get anything else! The girls both learnt to scoot on them before they turned 2 and still absolutely love their scooters aged 6 and 3. My husband and I also have adult Micro scooters so we can all go on scooter adventures as a family.
Ula has a Speed+ Deluxe Scooter in Neon Rose

micro ambassador aneta with her son riding a micro classic adult scooter

Meet Aneta

Hello everyone! I got my first scooter at 36 🤣 And it's soo much fun! My kids are super impressed that I can keep up with them. I'm quietly impressed with myself 🙊

Aneta has a Micro Classic Adult Scooter in White

micro ambassador jen scooting with her kids

Meet Jen

I'm Jen, a māmā to three lovely children - Tommy, Lucia and Marlow. I learned how ride a scooter when I became an ambassador - my youngest was faster than me at 18 months old! I can now finally keep up! We have 5 Micro Scooters now - they are incredible!

Jen has a Micro Classic Adult Scooter in White

micro ambassador mel out and about on her micro downtown adult scooter

Meet Melissa

Hawkes Bay mum of 2 (Piper 5, and Penelope 3), I love riding my Micro Scooter with the girls. I feel involved in their love for scootering and it's so much fun! 😝🥰

Melissa has a Micro Downtown Scooter

micro ambassador ruby unboxing her Micro Downtown Scooter

Meet Ruby

Hi everyone! I live in Auckland and I'm currently a SAHP with both my recently-tured 2 year old and 2 month old boys - so they keep me pretty busy and we get out of the house everyday (to do different local activities/just to stay sane 😅 lol). We love living close to shops/cafes/library, so I think my new Micro Downtown Scooter and Giro Adults Helmet will mostly be used to zip around our area and make those trips much quicker. 

Ruby has a Micro Downtown Scooter

micro ambassador shrimpy go kart racing

Meet Shrimpy

Shrimpy loves using her Micro Ramp Scooter to complete track 'walks' prior to racing. Being on her scooter allows her to find her race lines and the best apex.

Shrimpy has a Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter and her dad Bryn has a Micro Suspension Adult Scooter

micro ambassador susan on her new micro flex plus adult scooter

Meet Susan

I bought a scooter to scoot with my two children, now aged 12 and 14, to primary school. I loved scootering so much that I now scooter to my appointments. I have found it really useful to scoot to the train station, take my scooter on the train, and then scoot to where I'm going. It's so much faster than walking and so much more fun. I love my new Flex+ scooter - it really softens the bumps on footpaths.

Susan has a Micro Flex+ Adult Scooter

micro ambassador edith and her child on a mini2go 3 wheel pink scooter

Meet Edith

My daughter Gianna's scooter arrived and it brought me to tears because it was the first time she could be like her sisters and not have to sit and ride, she could actually scoot like them. Gianna was born with Achondroplasia Dwarfism and sometimes everyday activities or tasks aren't as easy for her due to her short stature. The Mini2Go Deluxe Plus was the perfect sized scooter for her, just look at her happy face. As a mum it melts my heart as this was another milestone Gianna reached, she was so excited to stand and scoot.

Edith's daughter Gianna has a Micro Mini2Go Deluxe Plus Ride-on Scooter in Pink and a Purple Floral Kids Helmet

micro ambassador dom's daughter riding a micro cruiser scooter

Meet Dom

Hi I'm Dom. Mum to Billie (aged 4) who got her first Micro Scooter for her second birthday and hasn't stopped since! She's now moved onto a two wheeled cruiser scooter and loves it. She's so fast that I had to get my own adult scooter to keep up!

Dom has a Micro Downtown Adult Scooter and Billie has a Micro Cruiser Scooter in Purple

micro ambassador sophs' kids riding their scooters at the beach

Meet Soph

In our little coastal town or caravanning around Australia, we love riding our Micro Scooters. For transport and fun they provide hours of entertainment or a fast way to get around town. You will see us riding to school together or to the café on the weekends. The smoothest ride and a style for everyone.

Sophies kids have a Micro Cruiser Scooter in Aqua, and a Mini Micro Deluxe LED in Pink

micro ambassador jeannie's kid riding around on a sprite light up kids scooter

Meet Jeannie

I'm Jeannie, mama to two boys Krystian (7) and Izak (3). Micro is the first and only brand that we use and everyone in the household loves Micro Scooters. I got a BMW Micro City Scooter to keep up with the boys. We are looking to get one more in the future so the four of us can all scoot together one day ❤️

Jeannie has a Micro BMW City Scooter and her son has a Micro Sprite Light Up Kids Scooter in Sea Green

micro ambassador kylee and her toddler on a Mini2Go ride on scooter in mint

Meet Kylee

Hi friends! I'm Kylee and this is my son Mac. We are based in sunny QLD Australia and LOVE the outdoors. When Macs scooter arrived he was thrilled and we both are to be honest! We are doing a bit of practice inside at home at the moment so we can both get the hang of it before taking off outside. This is the first time I've ever put a toddler helmet on him, he's hit and miss with keeping hats on so I thought he would try rip the helmet off but he was 100% unbothered by it! We cannot wait to get out and about on our Micro adventures.

Kylee's son Mac has a Micro Mini2Go Deluxe Plus Ride-on Scooter in Mint

micro ambassador aruni's son with his mini micro deluxe eco toddler scooter

Meet Aruni

Hello everyone. My name is Aruni - mommy to 3 year old Arin. We are so excited to be a part of the Micro Ambassador team and can't wait to enjoy our scooter and create some fun content. Thanks Micro Scooters

Aruni's son Arin has a Mini Micro Deluxe Eco Scooter in Black

micro ambassador leah's kids wearing matching ocean pattern kids helmets

Meet Leah

Hey everyone, I'm Leah, new to the Ambassador team but definitely not to Micro Scooters! I have 4 kids Alyvia, Jayden, Lara & Sunnie. My eldest Alyvia started scooting when she was 3. She's now 9 and still loving it! My 7, 3 and 1 year old's are equally obsessed, especially Lara (3) who has just opened her very own scooter and is stoked not to be using a hand me down haha - which might I add is still in perfect condition 6 years latter!!

Leah's daughters Alyvia and Lara have a Micro Sprite Light Up Kids Scooter in Purple and a Mini Micro Deluxe LED toddler scooter in Aqua, as well as matching Kids Helmets in our Ocean print

Micro ambassador erin riding her downtown adult scooter with her kids

Meet Erin

Hello, we are a family of 6 with 3 boys and 1 baby girl living in Victoria, Australia. We can't wait for all our new adventures on our scooters and meeting all of you wonderful people.

Erin has a Micro Downtown Adult Scooter

micro ambassador julie's daughter willow on her lavender 3 wheel scooter

Meet Julie

Hi everyone! We are new to the Micro Scooters Ambassador team. This is Willow and I'm mum, Julie. Willow is obsessed with her scooter! We are excited to start sharing our adventures with you ❤️

Julies daughter Willow has a Mini Micro Deluxe LED Scooter in Lavender

micro ambassador drew's husband with his new micro downtown scooter

Meet Drew

Hey everyone! I'd love to introduce my family. We are new Ambassadors and so far loving it 😍 My name is Drew-Janie and this is my partner Sunia, and we have a son called Suni Latu. We're feeling very blessed to be given this role of an ambassador. My partner is over the moon to have his very own Micro Downtown Scooter! He grew up in Tonga & being a 3rd world country he never had the chance to ride a scooter so he's super excited about this! We can't wait to go for rides down at our local park 😍🫶🏽

Drew's partner Sunia has a Micro Downtown Scooter

micro ambassador anastasiia's family with their scooters

Meet Anastasiia

Hey guys! My name is Anastasiia and I have two boys Monty and Alfie and big kid/aka my husband Gabe who just joined the Micro Ambassador family 🥰 I'm super happy to join the team 💕

Anastasiia's husband Gabe has a Micro Downtown Scooter, Monty has a Micro Sprite Light Up Kids Scooter in Forest Green, and Alfie has a Mini Micro Deluxe Eco Scooter in Deep Green

micro ambassador ralph with his toddler who is wearing a micro kids 3d scootersaurus helmet

Meet Ralph

We all know who's got the best helmet in the family 🤘🏽 Just wanted to say hello to everyone. We are the proud parents of this lil action man, Loki. We are super stoked to be joining the Micro team. Keen to shred with other Auckland based parents with our new scooter 🛴

Ralphs son Loki has a Micro Mini2Go Deluxe Plus Ride-on Scooter in Mint and a Kids Helmet in our 3D Scootersaurus design

micro ambassador alannas kids riding around on their retro kids cruiser scooters

Meet Alanna

Hey guys! So nice to be apart of the team! My names Alanna and I have two boys Zander and Ziah, 4 and 6, who are so excited to ride their new scooters! Such a great size too!

Alanna's kids have Micro Cruiser kids scooters in Aqua and Red

micro ambassador nneka's kids with their micro scooters

Meet Nneka

Here are two out of three of my kids, Obinna (4) and Ikemba (2). My daughter Amarachi who is 4 months will scooter around at some point. Born and raised in NZ, currently living in Canberra. We now have two scooters in the family so keeping up with these two has just got a whole lot zippier! 

Nneka's kid Obinna (4) has a Micro Speed 2 Wheel Scooter and Ikemba (2) has a Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter in Aqua


micro ambassador may's daughter riding her neochrome light up scooter

Meet May

Hi Everyone! 👋🏽 I'm May and I have two little ones; Tamara is almost 7 years old and Zain is almost 3. We've always loved Micro Scooters, so much we looked for them everywhere when we lived overseas. So it's very exciting for us to be here. Tamara loves roller skating, scooting and cycling. She tried her new scooter for the first time today. It was heaps of fun. We can't wait to share more adventures with you guys!

Mays daughter Tamara has a Micro Sprite Light Up Neochrome Scooter


Micro ambassador emily and her son tanner with his toddler 3 wheel blue scooter

Meet Emily

Hi everyone! My 18month old Tanner, and I are super excited to be part of the Micro Ambassador team. We live in Napier, New Zealand! Our scooter and helmet arrived today and we are so excited to make many scooting memories!

Emily's son Tanner has a Mini Micro Deluxe LED in Blue


micro ambassador jess with her daughter on a ride on 3 wheel scooter

Meet Jess

Hi everyone! I'm Jess and this little scooter addict is Margot! Our favourite thing to do is go on scootering adventures and we cannot wait to upgrade and for Margot to start to use her scooter standing! Here's to making all the scooter memories and sharing them with everyone!

Jess's daughter Margot has a Mini2Go Deluxe Plus Ride-on Scooter in Mint and a toddler helmet in our Clouds design


micro ambassador tegan with her downtown adult scooter

Meet Tegan

Hi I'm Tegan, I live in Melbourne with my husband Jase, son Blake (7) and our dachshunds. We have 5 scooters now and absolutely love them! We love to pick a scooter each & take a ride along the beach in summer. It's a great way to get active, whilst having fun & spending some quality time together!

Tegan has a Micro Downtown Scooter and her son is riding a Micro Classic Adult Scooter in White

micro ambassador haze at the beach

Meet Haze

Hi I'm Haze!!! I absolutely love riding my scooter, it brings me so much joy! I was a pretty shy dude but scootering helped me find my personality. I think everyone should own a scooter and have a wheely good time 🤘🏽

Haze has a Maxi Deluxe LED Scooter in Red

Interested in joining the Micro Ambassador team? Get in touch today!