New MX Freestyle scooters for all skill levels

Serious, not so serious and future pro stunt scooter riders this one's for you. The very latest range from the Micro MX team has been developed to cater for all sizes and skill levels. Outstanding quality and features plus slick styling make these scooters a stand out at the skate park.

mX core micro Freestyle scooter range

When we're asked for advice about which scooter a parent should buy their school aged child, our first question is always "do you think he's going to want to go to the skate park and start to learn tricks?". If the answer is yes (which is surprisingly only about 25% of the time) then we will always point the parent in the direction of our incredible MX freestyle scooter range.

The MX range has been designed by the Micro design and pro rider teams combined. The MX pro rider team is made up of some of the most impressive stunt scooter riders on the planet. Benjamin Friant constantly pushes the bar, and makes jaw dropping videos too. You can check out the Micro MX team on their Facebook page, and see these amazing riders in action.

The know what they need in a scooter, and the Micro design team know how to make it. The result is a range of lightweight, extremely strong and innovative freestyle scooters.

Safety is the most important aspect of any scooter, so the MX freestyle range is super strong, with top quality parts and materials impeccably manufactured and thoroughly tested.

For Future Pros

For ages 5-12y the MX Trixx Black - looks the business with neon green brake and trim.

The perfect scooter for younger riders thanks to it's lower handlebar height of 77cm.

Light strong and stable Crossneck 200 micro scooter

The Crossneck 2.0 Gold's metal core wheels and SCS compression system make it very strong and stable. Lightweight at 4kg and the ideal next step up from the MX Trixx. Pegs included.

for riders who think big freestyle micro scooters

Created by the MX pro rider team, the MX Core XL has substantial dimensions to satisfy taller riders with a good level of freestyle skill. Available in slick metallic camo green and black. Handlebar height 98cm and pegs included.

Here's a taste of how the MX freestyle range performs - beginners take note, and practice, practice, practice. You'll get there if you really want to.

freestyle micro scooters