The latest Micro Scooters

The wider the wheels the easier the ride. Get extra stability with the latest street scooters.

Rocket Sky Blue Scooter

These 'fat' new wheels provide more stability and great balance. Not to mention this style of scooter looks awesome and handles beautifully.

The Rocket Sky Blue is the new vibrant shade of the classic Rocket scooter. It's a great bold set of wheels for kids and adults.

  • It can be folded down with a click of a button making it nice and compact for travel and storage.
  • The adjustable handlebar lets you cruise at comfortable height and lets kids grow alongside their scooter.
  • The 'fat' wheels provide stability and help you maneuver around tight corners.

This scooter is great for kids on the school run, on your commute to work or with the kids on the weekend.

The new mX Free Ride Street Micro scooter

The mX Free Ride Street scooter has been deigned on the base of the MX Trixx scooter with added new features for those who prefer to ride street.

  • It has great manoeuvrability perfect for downhill riders.
  • The BMX headset is at a fixed height keeping it strong and stable.
  • HIC compression system

It's the perfect scooter for kids and teens who want a stunt style scooter, stability and love to cruise the streets.

The new Kickboard Monster Micro scooter

The Kickboard Monster now comes in a volcano grey colour! This scooter has the original 3 wheel design of the kickboard and combined with the fat wheels of the popular Rocket scooter.

  • Riders tend to use a similar technique to surfing and snowboarding, leaning into the turn, curving and carving.
  • Comes with an interchangeable joystick or t-bar to suit your style of riding.
  • The fat wheels provide the ‘edge’ for the turn and a wide surface are to complete the turn smoothly.
  • The 3 wheel design gives you incredible balance and stability.
  • The fibre glass deck absorbs shocks of uneven surfaces for a smooth ride.

It's a great scooter for teens and adults who want the stability of a 3 wheeler and enjoy the street surf style of scooting.