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Cars get stuck in traffic. Buses and trains don't get you all the way to your destination. Walking is slow, and bikes take up too much room. If you need to get from A to B in a hurry, a folding electric scooter can kick some serious ass.

micro scooters electric innovation

It’s an incredible feeling, and the power flows naturally as you push, allowing you to simply coast along at speeds that previously would have left you a desperate kicking mess. It put a huge grin on my face and I couldn’t wait to get back on it and head home after work.

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micro scooters electric innovation review

In fact, the eMicro One is an electric scooter with a difference. It's a visually appealing unit with more than capable functionality. It has a set of features that Micro have carefully thought about. There are no frills, but what do you need from a top-end electric scooter? Reliability, quality manufacturing and a trusted Brand like Micro Mobility Systems make the eMicro One a winner.

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Read an in depth review from emicro electric scooter user, John, who rode over 700kms in the first 5 months since he purchased his scooter.