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Meet Shrimpy

Meet Shrimpy - Go Karter

A young girl with a big dream

Seren Hughes (Shrimpy) is a 12 year old female go-kart driver with a huge drive to achieve her dreams. She has always been an active kid, playing tennis from an early age and for many years her passion was riding horses. The past 5 years for Shrimpy have been very much focused on basketball and cross country, representing her school in cross country, athletics and is also a member of their basketball team.

However, what has also been brewing in the background is her love for fast cars, and during COVID lockdowns she found ease in crushing her family and friends at games including Mario Kart and Forza 5. She was a natural! "When I was younger I used to build Hot Wheels tracks with my Dad. I have always loved cars and I have heaps of model cars and a radio control car".

In January 2022, Seren jumped into her first hire kart and it was obvious from the very first Apex as to how comfortable she was behind the wheel. "I got into karting because it looked exciting and fast, and so I first tried it out at a hire kart centre, and I was hooked". Within a couple of visits to the track she was invited to race in the junior league. 

Young girl following her dreams of becoming a professional rally driver

Shrimpy has won the next 7 consecutive junior league races. Not only this, but she now holds the fastest ever lap time driven by a junior at the Braybrook track. She has upgraded to the 80km/h karts at the Phillip Island GP track, and has won the last 9 consecutive races competing against adult men in the karting leagues. We asked Shrimpy how she feels about being a female athlete in a male dominated sport and she responded, "It feels more challenging and difficult. It seems boys are more determined to win and push each other and that gets noticed. I am more calm and focused than crazy and competitive".

Seren Hughes go-karting

It's now time for Shrimpy to follow her dream of becoming a professional rally driver, having been accepted into the Young Drivers Academy, and more significantly, mentoring through the FIA and Motorsport Australia. The FIA (governing body of Motorsport) supported by Motorsport Australia has a global initiative called 'Girls on Track'. This initiative provides an opportunity for young girls to break through the barriers and find a career in motorsport; be that being the wheel, in engineering, or in media.

Seren Hughes standing in front of V8 rally car

There are many programs that are supported by female mentors who have made it in the industry. In the case of Shrimpy, it is her passion to be a professional rally driver and therefore FIA Girls on Track leverage Molly Taylor (Australian Rally Champion and Dakar Rally team driver) as the perfect mentor for Shrimpy to meet and be inspired by. In 5 years time Seren hopes to be racing for a top sponsored karting team and competing in State and National Titles. "I hope to be noticed by a manufacturer who owns a junior feeder team into rallying or V8 supercars". 

Seren Hughes with Molly Taylor

Seren is already making an impact with her motivation and dedication to follow her dream. A young 8 year old girl has been watching Shrimpy at races and following her results. She continues to look up to her and talks about how when she grows up she wants to be "Just like Shrimpy". Shrimpy is a young girl that is not only following her own dream, but has already begun to inspire young girls to do just the same. Way to go Shrimpy!

Shrimpy is a valued member of our Micro Ambassador team, and we are motivated to support her every step of the way through her career. When she's not go-karting, Shrimpy rolls around the track on her Micro Sprite Neochrome light up scooter. "I love my Micro Neochrome because in the day the chrome looks cool, and at night the wheels are awesome. I think my favourite scooter is the Ramp. I like the paint design and most especially the wide handlebars, it looks trendy", says Shrimpy. Her Dad, Bryn Hughes also cruises around with Seren on his adult Suspension scooter.

Shrimpy rolling around on neochrome 2 wheel kids scooter

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Shrimpy's family continues to ensure that this is Seren's decisions and they are certain that this is HER dream! She is ready, they are ready, and it's Shrimpy's time to shine.

Let's Race! 🏁