Which Micro Scooter Do I Have?

Help? If you’re needing to know which Micro Scooter you have you’re in the right place. First thing is first. Let’s find & name your scooter.

    1. Is it a ride on?
    2. Is it a toddler or kids 3-wheeler?
    3. Is it a 2 wheeler?
    4. Is it a freestyle scooter?
    5. Are they skates?
    1. Is it an adult scooter?
    2. Is it a luggage scooter?
    3. Is it an electric scooter?
Or are you completely lost? Not to worry, have a scroll through the list below until you spot yours.

Ride on

Made for preschoolers to find their feet/wheels scooting.

Toddler Micro Trike
Toddler Micro Trike Deluxe
Micro Trike Micro Trike Deluxe
Toddler Micro Ride On to Hopper
Toddler Mini2go Deluxe
Micro Tike Hopper Mini2go Deluxe Plus
Mini micro seat
blue g bike
Mini Micro Seat Micro Balance Bike
red toddler balance bike
black balance bike pro
Micro Balance Bike Deluxe Micro Balance Bike Pro


Best sellers throughout Australia and New Zealand for toddlers & kids wanting to surf the turf.

mini classic 3 wheel preschooler scooter Toddler Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter
Mini Micro Classic Mini Micro Deluxe
Mini Micro Deluxe Light Up Pink Scooter
purple mini deluxe magic scooter
Mini Micro Deluxe LED Mini Micro Deluxe Magic Scooter
Maxi Micro Classic Maxi Micro Deluxe kids scooter
Maxi Micro Classic Maxi Micro Deluxe
Maxi Micro Deluxe light up kids scooter Maxi Micro Deluxe Foldable
Maxi Micro Deluxe LED Maxi Micro Deluxe Foldable
Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro
Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro

2-wheeler kids

Scoot the school run or through the holidays these kids 2-wheelers are the best yet.

micro cruiser retro kids scooter with large wheels
Kids Micro Sprite Scooter
Cruiser Sprite
Micro Sprite
Kids Micro Sprite Deluxe
Sprite LED Sprite Deluxe
micro neochrome kids sprite led scooter
Light Up Neochrome Sprite Scooter


Micro Freestyle

Whether they’re starting their stunt career or in the midst of it, our freestyle scooters are made for the whole range of ability.

Micro Beginner Stunt Scooter
Kids mX Trixx Stunt Scooter Rainbow Blue
Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter Micro mX Trixx Stunt Scooter
mX Free Ride Street Scooter
mX core XL
mX Free Ride Street Scooter mX Core XL


Keep up with friends or the kids or scooting the commute, find your scooter amongst best.

Micro Rocket Scooter
Speed+ Scooter
Micro Rocket Scooter Micro Speed+
Speed+ Deluxe
Micro Classic Adult Scooter
Micro Speed+ Deluxe Clay Micro Classic
Micro Flex+ Scooter
Micro Scooter Flex+ Air
Micro Flex+ Micro Flex+ Air
Micro BMW City Scooter
Micro Downtown Scooter
Micro BMW City Scooter Micro Downtown Scooter
Micro Suspension
Micro Metro Scooter
Suspension Micro Metro Scooter
Micro Interlock Scooter
Micro Kickboard Compact
Micro Interlock Micro Kickboard Compact
Micro Kickboard Monster
Adult Micro Scooter Pedalflow Bike
Micro Kickboard Monster Micro Pedalflow


Micro Scooter Luggage II Scooter

Steve Aoki Luggage Scooter
Luggage II Steve Aoki Luggage
Micro Scooter Kickpack Scooter
black luggage eazy ride on suitcase
Kickpack Luggage Micro Luggage Eazy


emicro one electric scooter
emicro Falcon electric scooter
emicro one emicro Falcon
emicro Condor Electric Scooter
emicro Merlin electric scooter
emicro Condor emicro Merlin